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Bada-ba, Bada, Ba Ba Da.

Eat my toenails. ;)

Amie Abbatoir
Hello. Of course Amie Abbatoir isn't my real name, but if we go by the French, it can roughly translate to "A friendly slaughterhouse".

If you must know, here's a few pointers about what I'm like:

My heroes vary among Monroe and Disney.
I'm fourteen.
I'm bisexual.
I'm very short.
My views on Twilight are mutual.
My hair is brown.
I prefer to look rather than touch.
I like to play games.
I have a fanfiction.net account: AmieAbbatoirX
I have Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, etc. But you aren't getting them.
My MSN is none of your business.
My real name is none of your business.
I prefer unheard bands to overly played bands.
I enjoy going to concerts.
I have a boyfriend.
I'm a "yaoi" kinda person.
I'm studying French, German and IT at GCSE.
I'm also studying Japanese and Italian in my free time.
Yes, I love languages.
Of course this means I hate Maths and Science.
I'm insane in person.
And it's highly likely that I will get along with you, so don't be shy. (: