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 Size and shit still doesn't work. Get it sorted, LJ :|

Today's journal won't be as er, off topic today, I don't think.

Tbh, I'm talking discrimination. I know, it's a really overused topic and whatnot, but I', seriously pissed off at how "normal people" react to anybody who's different.

So, what do normal people see when they look at a Goth/Emo/SceneKid, or anybody different?

"They must have no life."
"They must be thick"
"I bet they're really easy to kick in"
"They should die."
"I wonder where their slitmarks are?"

We all know that. We see the looks in their eyes. But what do we see when we look at them? We see nothing. Just another normal person, making their way throughout life. Just like us.

See, judging by that, who's the better person? The Freaks or the Normal People?

I'm going to prove my point through a series of contradictions. First point goes to the Freaks.

-Number 1: Why do they wear black all the time?

Well, why don't we? Besides, black is just a colour. It doesn't define us. If a "Normal Person" is wearing black, we don't go up to them and say "Why are you wearing that colour?", now do we? Because to us, black is merely a colour. T-shirts come in that colour. And, black goes with everything. It isn't because we're vampires or cowards, it's because of the influence that Rock Bands supplied. And no, we don't blame them. We like it. You don't have to colour-coordinate so much. 

Conclusion: Normal People ask us stupid questions, but we let them get on with it. Game set and match to the Freaks.

-Number 2: Music.

Now, this is a tricky subject. Music is a very opinionated subject, and everyone disagrees on it. I'll try my best not to force my views onto you. Y'see, Norms and Freaks clash severely when it comes to music, we have our screamo and sexy riffs, and they "Mmwatchasayyyyy" fifty times in 3 minutes. I know, I know, that was a bit sarcastic, but come on :|

However, we're all just as bad for music. Norms say "Erruuughhh that's proper shit" and Freaks say "Erruuughhhh that's proper shit."

So no points given.

-Number 3: Intelligence.
This is also seriously varied. Most Normal People are intelligent enough, but then again so are most Freaks. There are stupid versions of both sides aswell, but have you ever seen an Emo Kid beat a Chav up for being who they are? Mais non. Point to the Emo Kids.

Out of 3 matches and a prologue, it ended up 3-0.

Random fact of today: I actually woke up for school this morning.

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